Ridgid S14 Bolt Cutter Center Cut

  • Manufacturer: Ridgid
  • Model: 14213
  • UPC: 0095691142139
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Hardened alloy steel jaws are designed and manufactured to assure the longest possible blade life. 
  • One-step internal cam mechanism provides the quickest and simplest way to keep the cutting blades precisely aligned. 
  • Handles and grips designed to allow greater mechanical advantage for crisp, controlled cutting.
  • Model No.: S14
  • Capacity/Metals:
  • Soft (15RC-Soft steel & nonferrous metals,bolts,screws,rivets,wire): 5/16" 
  • Medium (31RC-Iron & steel): 1/4" 
  • Hard (42RC-Stainless steel,spring wire,heat-treated rod,reinforcing rod): 3/16" 
  • Overall Length: 15"

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