Pest Control

Pest Control
Tired of those pesky bugs getting in the way of progress? Let Wylaco help you out!

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Kness Mfg 106-0-004 STICK-ALL TRAP
STICK-ALL (R) MOUSE & INSECT TRAPFor ultimate in glue trap controlTrap attracts, monitors & catches multiple -mice and insectsFeatures defined & permanent bullet lure holes-for beetles, diverting walls to direct mice to -glue trap & insect slot entrances on 4 sidesHigh-impact polystyrene, reusable housingIncludes one 106-0-004 Stick-All glue trap..
$12.21 $17.99
Kness Mfg 106-0-024 STICK-ALL GLUE TRAP
STICK-ALL (R) REPLACEMENT GLUE TRAP 2/PKPack of 2 Stick-All(R) glue trap for use in -106-0-004 Stick-All(R) mouse and insect trapPre-scented to attract multiple rats, snakes, -mice and insectsSafe, simple & sanitary - no dangerous chemicalsConvenient for the user & safe for environment6-1/2" length x 5" widePack of two glue traps..
$6.10 $9.99
Kness Mfg 107-0-012 ANTS-NO-MORE STATION
ANTS-NO-MORE(R) ANT BAIT STATIONAnts-No-More(R) ant bait station is placed -outdoors by simply sticking it in the groundOr indoors by inserting into a planter with soilForaging ants enter the Ant Bait Station, take -the bait from either of two compartmentsBait is returned to nest, eliminating colonyTamper resistant, rugged 1-piece polypropyleneHolds gel, granular or liquid bait-NOT included..
$4.88 $7.99
Kness Mfg 220-0-005 FLIES-NO-MORE TRAP
FLIES-NO-MORE (TM) SOLAR FLY TRAPFly trap has solar powered LED for luring & -capturing house, cluster & barn flies & moreHas banana-scented glue board to work in -combination with LED light for quick catch rateHigh quality polypropylene construction trapPre-formed opening on the base & vertical or -horizontal easy wall installationSimple to use On/Off switch..
$36.85 $54.99
Kness Mfg 220-0-014 FLIES-NO-MORE REFIL
FLIES-NO-MORE REFILL GLUE TRAPSReplacement glue traps for 220-0-005 Flies-No-More(TM) solar glue trapBanana scented to attract multiple flies -and insectsOnce caught - they stay caughtNo dangerous chemicals - safe, simple & sanitary4 replacement glue boards per pack..
$3.20 $5.39
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