Armstrong Torque Multipliers Torque MULT 3200 ft lbs.

  • Manufacturer: Armstrong
  • Model: 64-836
  • UPC: 781412648362
  • Availability: In Stock


Low Input Torque (160-225 FT/LB), (1) Can easily be applied by one person using standard 1/2" drive tools. Planetary Gear System, (1) Provides output torque accuracy of +/-5%. Sturdy Carrying Case, (1) Allows for convenient storage, easy transportation. Shareable Output Drive Square is Replaceable, (1)Square drive shears at 3-10% overload torque to protect against expensive internal damage. Built in Anti-Backlash Device/Torque Holding Ratchet, (1) Maintains the multiplier's input torque allowing the use of ratcheting drive tools. Built in Angle of Turn Protractor, ( Displays multiplier's output angle for use on fasteners requiring a specific angle rotation after applied torque. 



  • Drive Size=1/2 in (female square), 1 in (male square)
  • Torque Input=173 ft lb [Max]
  • Torque Output=3200 ft lb [Max]
  • Torque : Ratio=18.5 @ 1
  • Overall Length=20 in
  • Locking Type=Ball
  • Measuring System=Inch
  • Type=Torque Multiplier
  • Wt.=22.10 lb

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