ICS 890F4-15 Hydraulic Power Cutter

  • Manufacturer: ICS
  • Model: 890F4-15
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The ICS 890 Series hydraulic cutting system offers the superior strength of FORCE4® technology and is equipped with integrated water delivery system that continuously feeds water to the blade.  From the redesigned, more durable rear handle, to the easy to replace drive sprocket, this hydraulic power cutter is engineered to stand up to your toughest jobs. In a package that exceeds industry standards, this sleek powerhouse is packed with features designed to make it work as hard as you do. 

Technical Specifications:

Force 4                         8 gpm (30 lpm)

Powerhead Weight 23.5 lbs (10.6 kg) (1' hose whips)

Bar Cutting Depth 10 in/25 cm, 15 in/38 cm FORCE4

Hose Whips                    1 ft/30 cm

Length 23 inches (58.5 cm) 

Height 10.5 inches (26.5 cm)

Width 9.5 inches (24 cm)

Hydraulic Supply 8 gpm (30 lpm) @ 2,500 psi (172.5 bar)

Hydraulic Fluid PC HYDREX MV32 or equivalent

Requirements (Type)

Water Supply Requirements Minimum: 20 psi (1.4bar)

Water Flow 2 gpm (8 lpm) minimum

Operating Speed 6,100 rpm (avg. free running) 5,500 sfm (avg. free running chain) 

Torque* 7.0  ft-lbs (9.6 Nm)

Horsepower (1)* 6 hp (4.5 kW)

Guaranteed Sound Power Level Lwa (2) 107 dB(A) (K=0.2 dB(A))

Equivalent Sound Pressure at the Operator's Ear LpA (2) 98 dB(A) (K=0.7 dB(A))

Vibration ahv, eq Concrete Cutting (3) 2.0 m/s2 (K=0.1 m/s2) Front Handle  6.0 m/s2 (K=1.4 m/s2) Rear Handle

Vibration ahv, eq PowerGrit Cutting (3) 4.6 m/s2 (K=0.1 m/s2) Front Handle 4.8 m/s2 (K=0.3 m/s2) Rear Handle

(1) Measured using 18HP hydraulic power pack (8 gpm/30 lpm and      23HP hydraulic power pack (12 gpm/45 lpm) at 2000psi/138 bar.

(2) Measured in accordance with ISO3744:2010

(3) Measured in accordance with ISO5349-1:2001

* Output ratings based on maximum input conditions and efficiency assumptions and may vary depending on power supply.

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