ICS 695XL-12 FORCE4 Gas Power Cutter Package

  • $2,965.60

  • $3,170.00
ICS 695XL-12 FORCE4 Gas Power Cutter Package

ICS 695XL-12 FORCE4 Gas Power Cutter Package

  • $3,170.00
  • $2,965.60

  • Model: 576151
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Equipped with integrated water delivery system that continuously feeds water to the blade, the 695XL features also include: an easy-to-start engine with higher energy ignition system and durable, long-lasting components including a new muffler, carburetor and piston & cylinder. Available for the entire line of FORCE3®, FORCE4® and PowerGrit® series diamond chains.  Based on the best-selling 695 power cutter platform, the 695XL is the highest horsepower ICS gas power cutter for frequent-use by general construction, utility contractors and concrete professionals.

Includes: Powerhead, 12" FORCE4® guidebar and FORCE4® chain

Technical Specifications:

Bar Cutting Depth: 12 in/30 cm FORCE4®

Powerhead Weight: 21 lbs/9.6 kg

Engine Speed:         9300 +/- 150 rpm (max)

Idling Speed:                 2700 +/- 100 rpm

Horsepower:                 6.4 hp (4.8 kW) @ 9000 rpm

Engine Type:                 2-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled

Displacement:         5.7 cu inch (94 cc)

Powerhead Dimensions: 18”L x 14” H x 12” W (46 cm x 36 cm x 30 cm)

Guaranteed Sound Power Level, Lwa (1): 115 dB(A); (Kwa = 1.0 dB(A))

Sound Pressure Level, at Operator’s Ear Lwa (1): 104.6 dB(A): (K = 1.0 dB(A))

Vibration, a hv, eq Concrete Cutting (2): 3.6 m/s2 (K=0.2 m/s2) Front Handle  3.1 m/s2 (K=0.2 m/s2) Rear Handle

Vibration, a hv, eqPipe Cutting (2):  5.62 m/s2 (K=0.2 m/s2) Front Handle 5.28 m/s2 (K=0.2 m/s2) Rear Handle

Water Supply Requirement: Minimum of 20 psi (1.4 bar)

Water Flow  Requirement: Minimum: 2 gpm (8 lpm)

Fuel Mix Ratio: 50:1 (2%) fuel-to-oil

Fuel Capacity: 0.26 gal (1.0 liter)

(1) Measured in accordance with ANSI S12.51-2012/ISO3741:2010

(2) Measured in accordance with ISO5349-1:2001, ISO22867:2011 and ISO19432:2012

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