ICS 814PRO Hydraulic Power Cutter

  • Manufacturer: ICS
  • Model: 814PRO
  • Availability: In Stock

It may be small but with as much power as the 890 series, the 814PRO is ready for the big jobs. Lighter than other hydraulic power cutters with the ability to cut perfectly square openings as small as 3.5 inches (9 cm).  The 814PRO is equipped with integrated water delivery system that continuously feeds water to the blade, and is a natural for toothing out brick and tuck pointing along with other applications where a mix of portability and power are required. 

Technical Specifications:

Guidebar & TwinPRO Chain       13 in/33 cm

Powerhead weight 15 lbs (6.8 kg) 

Bar Cutting Depth 13 inches (33 cm)

Motor Speed                 8800 rpm

Powerhead Dimensions 14.3 inches (36.3 cm) Length 11.3 inches (28.7 cm) Height  9.2 inches (23.4 cm) Width

Torque                         7.0  ft-lbs (9.6 Nm)

Horsepower(1)         6 hp (4.5 kW)

Hydraulic Supply         8 gpm (30 lpm), 2500 psi (172.5 bar)

Noise Level                 88 dB @ 3 ft (1 m)

Vibration Level         3.5 m/s2 (front handle)

Water Supply Requitement 2 gpm (8 lpm) minimum

Water Flow Minimum 20 psi (1.4 bar)

* product data shown is rated based on maximum input conditions and efficiency

assumptions may vary dependent on power supply.

(1) Measured using 18HP hydraulic power pack (8 gpm/30 lpm and

     23HP hydraulic power pack (12 gpm/45 lpm) at 2000psi/138 bar.

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