ICS 701-A 15 inch Pneumatic FORCE4 Power Cutter

  • Manufacturer: ICS
  • Model: 701A-15 F4
  • Availability: In Stock

Built tough to stand up to everyday use in the harsh environment of concrete cutting. Cut with ease, speed and portability through Reinforced Concrete, Brick, Block, Concrete Pipe, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, PVC and Natural Stone. The ICS powerful pneumatic power cutter is designed to cut through walls, floors and columns in a single pass.  Comes with 15 in/38 cm Guidebar, Force4 chain.

Technical Specifications:

Powerhead Weight         29 lbs (13 kg)

Bar Cutting Depth         10 in/25 cm, 15 in/38 cm Force4

Powerhead Dimensions 20” L x 10.5” H x 12” W (58.5 cm x 26.5 cm x 30.5 cm)

Air Motor Power                 6.5hp (5 kW)

Air Supply Requirements  (maximum) 90 psi (6 bar)  124 cfm  (3.5 m³/min)

Motor lubrication  Resin and acid-free  SAE 5 W to SAE 10 W oil

Water Supply Requirements Minimum: 20psi (1.4 bar)

Water Flow Minimum: 2 gpm (8 lpm)

Operating Speed 5,700 rpm (average free running) 4,900 sfm (average free running chain)

Vibration ahv, eq  Concrete Cutting (2) Front handle:  5.09 m/s2 (K=0.2 m/s2)  Rear handle:  5.07 m/s2 (K=0.2 m/s2)

Vibration ahv, eq  PowerGrit Cutting (2) Front handle:  4.58 m/s2 (K=0.2 m/s2)Rear handle:  4.43 m/s2 (K=0.2 m/s2) 

Guaranteed Sound Power Level Lwa (1) 113 dB(A); (Kwa=0.5 dB(A))

(1) Measured in accordance with ANSI S12.51-2012/ISO3741:2010

(2) Measured in accordance with ISO5349-1:2001 and ISO22867:2011

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