Zircon 62168 Studsensor
STUD SENSORFind edges of wood or metal stud up to 3/4" deepAutomatically calibrates to density of wallHold against wall - turn on and move sidewaysAudio tone & LED lights indicate stud locationCarded..
$9.66 $11.99
Zircon 61899 Studsensor Pro Sl
STUDSENSOR PRO SLFind studs-joists-ceiling beams up to 1.5" deepProjects a beam of light onto surface when it-detects edge of studAlso provides audio signal & LED displayScans through non-metallic wall surfacesFinds stud center to within 1/8" on normal modeOn deep scan mode, it can find stud center-1-1/2" deep & within 3/16" accuracy - Carded..
$12.90 $15.99
Zircon 61903 Studsensor Pro Sl-ac
STUDSENSOR PRO LCDFinds edges of studs & joints up to 3/4" deepDeepScan mode finds studs up to 1-1/2" deepWide LCD array indicates when you approach studWireWarning is active in all modesAutomatically detects hot AC wires up to 2" deepCarded..
$15.36 $18.99
Zircon 62353 Multiscanner Pro Sl
MULTISCANNER PRO SL5-function scanner with large LCD displayPatented SpotLite pointing systemAC tracing finds only hot AC to trace wiresStud Scan mode finds edges of studs & joistsStud DeepScan mode finds studs up to 1.5" deepMetal finder finds copper 7 non-ferrous metalsAC WireWarning continuously detects hot wiresCarded..
$32.69 $39.99
Zircon 62320 Studsen Picture Hang Kit
STUDSENDOR(TM) PICTURE HANGING KITEverything you need to securely hand pictures,-mirrors, and moreIncludes Zircon StudSensor and an assortment of-hooks and nails for a wide range of jobsLocates studs quickly & easily behind walls-and ceilings up to 3/4" deepTruCal(R) LED light signals when automatic -calibration is completed..
$10.09 $13.99
Zircon 58430 50 Elec Measuring Tool
SONIC MEASUREDM S50LMeasures 50 ft. using ultrasonic technologyShines a laser circle to highlight target areaMemory stores numbers for automatic calculationMeasures in feet/inches and metric unitsAccurate 99.5 +/- 1 digit..
$45.21 $60.99
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