Unger Industries

Unger Industries 92150 10 Shower Squeegee
SHOWER SQUEEGEEUse on shower stalls, bathtubs, doors & tileEasily removes water and soap scumSIZE:10"COLOR:White..
$3.59 $5.99
Unger Industries 92101 12 Ss Squeegee
STAINLESS STEEL SQUEEGEESpring release window squeegeeAllows fast & easy channel and blade changesProfessional qualityProvides streak free resultsExtend reach with Tele-PoleSIZE:12"..
$5.98 $9.99
Unger Industries 965250 Auto Squeegee
AUTO SQUEEGEEHeavy-duty mesh scrubber18" length extends your reachSIZE:8"..
$3.93 $5.89
Unger Industries 0400 1 Ltr Window Conc Cleaner
CONCENTRATED WINDOW CLEANERRemoves tough dirtLeaves no film, foam or streaksBiodegradable, skin-friendlySuper-concentrated1 liter bottle makes 26 gallonsSIZE:1 Liter..
$6.16 $8.99
Unger Industries 91005r Light Bulb Changer Kit
LIGHT BULB CHANGER KITEliminates the need to climb dangerous laddersLightweight aluminum tele-pole extends to 11 ft.The flood changer uses no strings or vacuumSix suction cups for flat, beveled & round bulbsSix adjustable fingersIncludes snap-in acme/taper coneAllows attachment of dusters-squeegees-and brush heads..
$23.06 $30.99
Unger Industries 92134 36 Nifty Nabber
NIFTY NABBERExcellent for grabbing items high and lowMade of aluminumFeatures rubber overmolded steel fingersIdeal for indoor and outdoor useGear driven claws grip small & odd shaped objectsSIZE:36"..
$17.78 $21.99
Unger Industries 91012 11 3-stage Tele-pole
INTER-LOCK TELE-POLE3-section interlocking poleFor dusting, bulb changing and other tasksFully extended length of 11 ft.Removable cone for easy accessory attachmentMedium dutySIZE:11 Ft...
$14.96 $21.99
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