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Taylor Precision 91418 Noaa Weather Alert Radio
7 CHANNEL NOAA WEATHER ALERT RADIOReceives regional weather forecasts & emergencyalerts from National Weather Service 24/7Monitors 7 weather channelsHas emergency alert standby mode with loud alertBuilt-in flashlightRequires 2AA batteries, not includedCOLOR:Silver..
$20.40 $30.99
Taylor Precision 90107 2 In 1 Rain Gauge
2-IN-1 RAIN GAUGEDoubles as sprinkler or field watering gaugeMount on fence or with baseMeasures in centimeters & inchesSIZE:6"..
$2.16 $3.59
Taylor Precision 90106 5.5 Rain Gauge
GLASS RAIN GAUGEBold red numbers fired on for durabilityMeasures in millimeters & inchesPrint won't fade or crackRust-resistantAdjustable aluminum holderSIZE:5-1/2"..
$1.96 $3.49
Taylor Precision 90924 6 Rain Gauge
CLEAR-VU RAIN GAUGETapered spear endCan be post mountedMeasures 5" or 127mm of rainfallCollector opening: 2-1/4" x 1-1/4"SIZE:12-1/2"..
$2.85 $4.79
Taylor Precision 90007 13.25 Patio Themometer
BIG & BOLD THERMOMETERBold white dialSIZE:13.25"..
$6.69 $10.99
Taylor Precision 90173 Digital In/out Thermomtr
DIGITAL DUAL-VIEW THERMOMETERDigital dual-view LCD window thermometerLCD (1.5"H x 1.75"W) displays indoor/outdoor-temperature in degrees Celsius & FahrenheitMemory function to recall min./max. temperature12/24 hour selectable clockDetachable, weatherproof 10 ft. sensor probeWall-mountable or can be used free standingUses 1 AAA battery includedSIZE:3-5/8"Hx2-3/4"WCOLOR:Ivory..
$10.06 $16.99
Taylor Precision 90113 Temp & Humidity Meter
TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY METERSits on a desk or mounts on a wallMonitors indoor environmentBlack numerals with red pointerSIZE:3-1/2x5-3/4x2"..
$6.99 $11.99
Taylor Precision 90115 Indoor Durango Ther
INDOOR DURANGO THERMOMETERWood grained finishTraditional panel designChecks efficiency of heating & coolingSIZE:6-3/8 x 2-3/16"..
$1.89 $2.99
Taylor Precision 90111 15 Tube Thermometer
BOLD TUBE THERMOMETERIndoor/outdoor thermometer12" glass magnifying tubeSet in molded white housingClear, bold markingsBuilt-in hanging tabsSIZE:15"..
$4.19 $6.99
Taylor Precision 90121 Henderson Alum Tube Ther
HENDERSON ALUMINUM TUBE THERMOMETERWithstands all weather conditionsBulb guard protects magnifier tubeClearly printed temperature scalesWith holes for hanging or nailingSIZE:8-3/4 x 3-1/8"..
$2.99 $4.99
Taylor Precision 90108 Andover Tube Thermometer
ANDOVER TUBE THERMOMETERSized for indoor/outdoor usesBulb guard provides outdoor protectionBuilt-in tab for hangingSIZE:8-1/2 x 2-1/8"..
$1.95 $3.29
Taylor Precision 90050 8 White Thermometer
OUTDOOR THERMOMETERSDelivers vital weather informationSized right for readability & versatilityGuaranteed accuracySheltered beneath a protective shieldDiameter: 8"COLOR:White..
$5.30 $8.99
Taylor Precision 90100 5-1/4 Thermometer W/bck
THERMOMETER WITH BRACKETProvides all weather durabilityCovered by a clear protective lensEasy-mount swivel bracketSIZE:5-1/4"..
$3.16 $5.39
Taylor Precision 90109 Dorado Thermometer
DORADO INDOOR/OUTDOOR WALL THERMOMETERSpringfield glass spirit filled thermometer tubeBold, black easy to read graphics on a -white plastic casingIncludes swivel mounting bracket for easy -viewing plus installation screwsDurable weather-resistant constructionTemperature range 0 to 120 degrees F and --10 to 50 degrees C scalesSIZE:8-3/4" Height..
$2.93 $4.89
Taylor Precision 90012 13.25 Birds Thermometer
COIL THERMOMETERSProtective cover keeps coil cleanCover also allows circulationEasy to mount on a hook or nailSturdy, molded in hangerDiameter: 13.25"DESC:Birds..
$7.66 $12.99
Taylor Precision 90114 In/out Thermometer
INDOOR/OUTDOOR THERMOMETERDual magnifying tubeRemote probe & 4" capillary tubingReads both inside/outside temperaturesSIZE:9-1/4 x 2-1/4"COLOR:White..
$7.29 $11.99
Taylor Precision 90007-215 13.25be Thermometer
13-1/4" ROUND BALD EAGLE THERMOMETER13-1/4" molded dial design with -bald eagle artworkFramed in glossy black bezelShatterproof and weather resistantTemperature range -60 to 120 degrees F.SIZE:13-1/4" Diameter..
$9.29 $13.99
Taylor Precision 1542 3 Channel Rf Thermometer
3 CHANNEL RADIO FREQUENCY THERMOMETERMonitors temperatures in up to 4 locationsDisplays indoor and outdoor temperatureAuto scroll function, calendar and 12/24 -hour clock with alertProgrammable temperature alertHigh/low temperature memoryRemote and base station low battery indicatorRequires 2 AAA batteries, not includedCOLOR:Silver..
$15.29 $22.99
Taylor Precision 91551 Digital Indo Thermometer
DIGITAL INDOOR THERMOMETERDigital indoor thermometer displays indoor -temperature only plus measures and displays -indoor humidityMin/Max memory recalls humidity & temp readingsFlip out stand for tabletop display or -magnet for metal surface mountingHas Fahrenheit and Centigrade formatRequires (1) AAA battery, not includedCOLOR:White..
$8.18 $11.99
Taylor Precision 91588 Digital Temp Monitor
DIGITAL TEMPERATURE MONITORSMonitors outdoor temperature in Fahrenheit scaleOversized digits on clear LCD for -enhance readabilityWeather proof constructionIn/Out window mount with reversible suction cupAssorted colors of bronze & silver - sold by ea.(1) 1.5V alkaline battery includedCOLOR:Assorted..
$7.89 $11.99
Taylor Precision 90007-22 13.25 De Thermometer
13-1/4" ROUND COUNTRY DEER THERMOMETER13-1/4" molded dial design with -country deer artworkFramed in glossy black bezelShatterproof and weather resistantTemperature range -60 to 120 degrees F.SIZE:13-1/4" Diameter..
$9.29 $13.99
Taylor Precision 91905-002 Wire Wea Forecaster
WIRELESS WEATHER FORECASTERDeluxe wireless weather forecaster delivers -weather information from outside into your houseDisplays indoor & outdoor temperature & humidityBarometric weather forecast with icons and -pressure history plus tide and moon phaseClock with alarm and min/max memoryRemote and base station low battery indicatorRequires 2 AA batteries not includedCOLOR:Silver..
$50.36 $67.99
Taylor Precision 90007-216 13.25 H Thermometer
13-1/4" ROUND HORSE IN CORRAL THERMOMETER13-1/4" molded dial design with -horse in corral artworkFramed in glossy black bezelShatterproof and weather resistantTemperature range -60 to 120 degrees F.SIZE:13-1/4" Diameter..
$7.57 $10.99
Taylor Precision 90078 13.25heat/wind Chill
HEAT INDEX & WIND CHILL THERMOMETERFull view thermometerFeatures color illustrationsDesign created for maximum visual impactSIZE:13.25"..
$9.34 $14.99
Taylor Precision 96200 Noaa Weather Radio
7 CHANNEL NOAA PORTABLE WEATHER RADIOReceives regional weather forecasts and -emergency alerts from the National Weather -Service 24 hours a dayMonitors 7 weather channelsEmergency alert standby mode with loud alertFeatures built-in flashlight, AM/FM radio and -clock - has blue backlight displayRequires 3 AAA batteries not includedCOLOR:Gray..
$25.78 $37.99
Taylor Precision 90308-39 Tube Deep Fry Therm
TUBE CANDY/DEEP FRY THERMOMETERGlass tubePan clipDishwasher safeSIZE:8"..
$2.45 $3.99
DIGITAL INDOOR/OUTDOOR THERMOMETERDigital thermometer monitors temperatures in -both Celsius or Fahrenheit degree scalesOffers daily min/max temperature readingsOversized digits on LCD for better readabilityMounts indoor or outdoors with reversible -suction cupDimension: 2.5" x 2.5"x 0.3"Uses 1 LR44 battery - included..
$7.08 $10.99
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