Magnetic Drill Press

Magnetic Drill Press
Wylaco carries FEIN Brand Magnetic Drill Presses and ships them daily.  When you team up with FEIN and Wylaco you can't go wrong!

FEIN Slugger JHM 4 X 4  Magnetic Base Drill 4 In. Capacity
4 speed gearbox for powering through large and small holes.Versatile, MT3 capable, uses 3/4 In. shank cutters.SMART MAGNET circuitry for safe drilling on marginal surfaces.The 4 x 4 offer 1-1/4 In. twist drill capacity.Speed Range: 100-220Speed UOM: RPMCord (ft): 13Amps @120: 11.5Watts: 1200Tool Height: 31.375Tool Weight: 73..
$2,529.00 $3,241.00
FEIN Slugger JCM 200u Magnetic Base Drill 2 In. Capacity
Compact with universal functionality for both jobsite and workshop useSimple top mounted controls can be clearly seen by the operatorDouble drill motor guide for use with very large drilling toolsMT3 interfaceSpeed Range: 130-520Speed UOM: RPMCord (ft): 13Amps @120: 11Watts: 1200Tool Height: 15.5625Tool Weight: 30.6..
$1,649.00 $2,103.00
FEIN Slugger JCM 200qx Magnetic Base Drill 2 In. Capacity
2 In. capacity magnetic base drillPatented QuickIN cutter system with 12 In. strokeCompact with high functionality for universal use on construction sites and in the workshopHigh magnetic holding forceSpeed Range: 130-520Speed UOM: RPMCord (ft): 13Amps @120: 10Watts: 1200Tool Height: 15.75Tool Weight: 29.1..
$1,469.00 $1,883.00
FEIN Slugger JCM 200auto Magnetic Base Drill 2 In. Capacity
Save time and money when producing a large number of holes thanks to the digitally controlled drill feedThanks to consistent and programmed drilling times, work hours for production and construction can be plannedVersatile work, such as tapping in manual mode is possible thanks to forward and reverse rotation and MT3 tool holderSLUGGER high-power motor with stable speedSpeed Range: 110-260Speed UO..
$2,429.00 $3,117.00
FEIN Slugger JCM 256u Magnetic Base Drill 2.5625 In. Capacity
Speed stability even in tough applicationsSwivel base offers fine adjustment of spindle for tool locationDouble drill motor guide for use with very large drilling toolsForward and reverse rotationMT3 interfaceSpeed Range: 120-520Speed UOM: RPMCord (ft): 13Amps @120: 12Watts: 1300Tool Height: 17.09375Tool Weight: 35.5..
$2,029.00 $2,597.00
FEIN Slugger JMC USA 90 Magnetic Base Drill 1-3/8 In. Capacity
A magnetic base drill can be used as problem-solvers in installation work in tight spacesFor use on-site steel construction when material thicknesses are between 5/16 – 5/8 in (8 – 15 mm).Long service life and perfect power-to-weight ratioMax cutter diameter of 1.375 inchesPositive slug ejectionSpeed Range: 130-520Speed UOM: RPMCord (ft): 13Amps @120: 9.2Watts: 1100Tool Height: 6.65625Tool Weight:..
$999.00 $1,203.00
FEIN Slugger JHM Short Slugger Magnetic Drill
Extremely compact with perfect power-to-weight ratio for work at height and in tight spaces.Feed handwheel can be moved from one side to the other for use in special work situations.Concealed motor wiring prevents wires from snagging or getting caught on the workpiece.Soilid die-cast aluminum construction.Speed Range: 430-680Speed UOM: RPMCord (ft): 12.5Amps @120: 6.25Watts: 750Tool Height: Tool W..
$699.00 $903.00
FEIN Slugger JHM USA 101 Magnetic Base Drill 1-1/2 In. Capacity
With positive slug ejection, the JHM USA101 allows the "slug" to be removed easily eliminating costly downtime.Lightweight at only 32 lbs., this drill is both powerful and portable for working on-siteThe magnetic base holding force is up to 2025 lbs. and can cut diameters up to 1-3/8 In. with up to 2 In. depth of cutThe JHM USA101 is also capable of tapping up to 1/2 In. with the tapping attachmen..
$999.00 $1,293.00
FEIN Slugger JHM Magforce Magnetic Base Drill 1-5/8 In. Capacity
Motor and drill jig are constructed as a single piece to enable the unit to stand up to the toughest conditions.Compact dimensions make it easy to work in confined or hard to reach places.Drill shaft is mounted without play and with no maintenance requirements in a spindle sleeve for precision drilling results and positive slug ejection.Gravity fed cooling lubrication.Speed Range: 280Speed UOM: RP..
$1,219.00 $1,553.00
FEIN Slugger JHM USA 5 Magnetic Base Drill 2-3/8 In. Capacity
Extra long shaft for drilling in materials up to 3 In. (75 mm) thick.Special drill spindle guide maintains concentricity and ensures positive slug ejection.Mechanical 2-speed gearbox adapts the speed to a wider range of magnetic drilling applications.Solid die-cast aluminum constructionSpeed Range: 180-340Speed UOM: RPMCord (ft): 13Amps @120: 12Watts: 1400Tool Height: 20Tool Weight: 53..
$1,519.00 $1,942.00
FEIN Slugger JHM Holemaker II Magnetic Base Drill 1-3/8 In. Capacity
Thru spindle coolantSpring ejection arbor for 3/4 In. SLUGGER shank cuttersRedesigned safety guard / chip breakerSMART MAGNET circuitryNew control panel with illuminated switchesSpeed Range: 450Speed UOM: RPMCord (ft): 6Amps @120: 11.5Watts: 1050Tool Height: 18.25Tool Weight: 30..
$799.00 $1,034.00
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