Magna Mt775c Butane Micro Torch
7-PC MICRO BUTANE TORCH KIT7-piece micro torch - butane poweredMetal body - refillableIncludes torch, flame tip, solder tip, -hot knife tip, built in wire stand, cleaning-sponge, solder & poly foam cutting tipComes with plastic case..
$23.23 $31.99
PEX POCKET CRIMPERCrimp standard PEX black copper using your -own 10" Vise Grips(R)Fits all common sizes: 3/8", 1/2" & 3/4"Made of solid hardened alloy steelNo adjustments needed - ever!Meets ASTM F1807 spec for crimping PEX..
$28.37 $36.99
Magna Mt450c Hi Output Garden Torch
HIGH OUTPUT GARDEN TORCHGarden torch only - does not include fuelSoft foam grip handleSolid brass valve36" reach tubePiezo lighterLarge flame outputGreat for burning weeds..
$29.00 $41.99
Magna Mt16 Pocket Torch
BUTANE POCKET TORCHHandy torch for lighting, heating, hobbyFlame reaches temperatures up to 2500 deg. FRuns on Butane fuel..
$8.09 $11.99
Magna Mt780 Butane Tabletop Torch
BUTANE TABLETOP TORCH3-in-1 butane gas micro torchAuto ignition for instant flameAir control lever1 torch tip which does the work of 3 tipsSolder tip, hot blow tip and torch tipUse for electrical repair, soldering, cooking-shrink tubing, craft and hobbySee thru gas gage & filler valve for refueling..
$26.57 $37.99
Magna Mt521-3 Bras Propane Torch Kit
SELF-LIGHTING TORCH360 degree swivelBrass valve body for durabilityStainless steel burn tube for strength14.1 oz. propane disposable fuel cylinder6 per packBoxedHAZMAT ITEM: Not shippable FedEx or UPS..
$21.38 $30.99
Magna Mt565c Handle Mapp Torch Head
SELF-LIGHTING SILVER SWIRL TORCH HEADSilver swirl combustion tip resists flame -blowoutReduced brazing time 30%Brass burner tip for durabilityMagnesium handle - lightweight & durableUse with MAPP or propane fuels..
$39.16 $55.99
Magna Mt575c Self Light Torch Kit
SELF-LIGHTING MAPP/PROPANE TORCHHeavy-duty torch head for Mapp or Propane gasSolid aluminum body with regulator valveStainless steel burn tube360 degree burn tip for hotter flameOn/Off flame trigger with flame lockClamshell pack..
$51.74 $73.99
Magna Mt560c Self Light Mapp Torch
SELF-LIGHTING MAPP TORCHSelf-lighting tradesman torchSolid brass burn tube & swirl tip4 ft. flexible hose and belt clipRegulated valve for constant flameDesigned to work with Mapp or propane gasClamshell pack..
$41.67 $56.99
Magna Mt100 Flint Spark Lighter
FLINT SPARK LIGHTERMagtorch flint spark lighterFlint sparkers are replaceableCarded..
$4.12 $5.99
Magna Mt551c Swivel Mapp Torch
SELF-LIGHTING TORCH360 degree swivel for versatilitySelf-lighting for instant flameCan be used with Mapp or propane fuel6 per packClamshell..
$29.08 $41.99
Magna Mt535c Regulated Propane Torch
PROPANE SELF-LIGHTING TORCHFinger tip auto igniter for instant startsBrass regulated torch delivers high quality-and consistent flame operating at any angleErgonomic handle for comfortTough ABS ergonomic handle - comfort/durabilityUse for variety of plumbing & automotive jobsClamshell package..
$26.72 $37.99
Magna Mt521c Brass Propane Torch
PROPANE SELF-LIGHTING TORCH360 degree swivelBrass valve body for durabilityStainless steel burn tube for strengthUse with propane fuelClamshell..
$17.21 $24.99
Magna Mt245c Hd Pencil Tip Torch
HEAVY-DUTY PENCIL BURNER TIP TORCHPerforms on large jobsFinishes smaller jobs quicklyCan be used with Mapp or propane fuel6 per packClamshell..
$18.30 $25.99
Magna Mt200c Pencil Burnr Torch Head
PENCIL FLAME BURNER TIP TORCHProduces a precise point for detail workUse with propane fuel12 per packCarded..
$10.48 $16.99
Magna Mt765c Butane Micro Torch
BUTANE MICRO TORCHMicro torch - Butane poweredMetal body - refillableIncludes torch, flame tip, solder tip, -and hot knife tipBuilt in wire standGreat for hobbies and electronics..
$13.16 $17.99
SELF-LIGHTING TORCH HEADSelf-lighting propane torch headSpecially designed with a stainless steel -burner tube delivering a triple point flame360 degree swivel burn tube delivers high heatBrass valve with brass control knobFuel control knob for simple On/Off ..
$18.04 $25.99
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