Liquid Nails

Liquid Nail Tc-10 10.1oz Wh Tub/tile Caulk
TUB AND TILE CEMENTFlexible latex caulkExcellent adhesion, non-yellowingUse on porcelain, metal, wood or marbleSoap and water clean-upSIZE:10.1 Oz.COLOR:White..
$3.26 $4.69
Liquid Nail Ac-138 10.1oz White Caulk
LIQUID NAILS(R) ALL PURPOSE ADHESIVE CAULKAdhesive caulk plus siliconeBonds like an adhesive and seals like a caulkPaintable and flexibleResists mildew, dirt & dustWater cleanupGreat for many caulking & adhesive applicationsSIZE:10.1 Oz.COLOR:White..
$28.24 $35.88
Liquid Nail Lc-130 10.1oz Wh Win/dr Caulk
SUPER CAULK ACRYLIC LATEXSeals around doors and windowsAdheres to most common building materialsMildew resistantPaintable in 30 minutesExceeds ASTM C834-76 performance specificationsSIZE:10.1 Oz.COLOR:White..
$27.46 $39.48
Liquid Nail Cr-805 10.3ozgy Concre Repair
LIQUID NAILS CONCRETE REPAIRA weather-resistant, siliconized acrylic -compound for repairing & sealing cracks & jointsUse on concrete and masonry surfacesPaintable, easy-gunning cartridge sealant helps -to prevent ice and water damageDries to a gray appearance similar to concreteBonds in all weather conditionsWater clean-upSIZE:10.3 Oz...
$27.46 $39.48
Liquid Nail Ln-700 4oz Liquid Nail
MULTI-PURPOSE HOUSEHOLD ADHESIVEResealable squeeze tubeGrabs fast, holds strongCarded blister pack squeeze tubeSIZE:4 Oz...
$2.61 $4.29
Liquid Nail Cbp-10 Qt Cove Base Adhesive
COVE BASE ADHESIVEResin-based, waterproofQuick initial grabCovers approx 300 lineal feet of 4" per gallonWater resistant when dryWater clean-upSIZE:Quart..
$7.02 $10.99
Liquid Nail Ln907 Extreme Hd Liquid Nail
EXTREME HEAVY DUTY LIQUID NAIL ADHESIVELiquid Nails extreme H-D construction adhesiveFor interior & exterior heavy-duty applicationsfor plywood, waferboard, cementboard, particle -board, drywall, tileboard, ceiling tiles, plus -brick veneers & imitation stone for interior use200% stronger than fasteners aloneBonds in extreme temperatures (22 to 120 Deg. F)Passes APA AFG-01 and ASTM C-557SIZE:10 Oz..
$41.03 $55.08
Liquid Nail Ln-950 10ozpoly Const Adhesive
POLYURETHANE CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVELiquid Nails brand polyurethane adhesiveAll weather formula-permanent waterproof bondFor bonding building materials-concrete/lumber-to subfloors, tileboard, treated lumber, -cabinets, foamboard, countertops, granite,-marble, drywall, ceramics, plastic & vinylMeets ASTM C-557 & D-3498 specsNot recommended for ceiling tileSIZE:10 Oz...
$48.20 $68.28
Liquid Nail Ln-990 10oz Quikgrip Adhesive
ULTRA QUICK GRIP ADHESIVELiquid Nails premium high-strength adhesiveQuick initial grab - no bracing requireMinimizes the need for mechanical fastenersWater cleanup-durable bond-low odorBonds building materials to paneling, drywall,-chair rails, cork, furring strips, concrete blockceramic tile, plywood, glass, plaster & moreNot for mirrors, plastic, vinyl or metalSIZE:10 Oz...
$42.28 $56.28
Liquid Nail Frp-310 1g Latex Frp Adhesive
LATEX FRP ADHESIVEStrong bondingLow odorEasy water clean-upLatex-based formulaSIZE:1 Gal...
$14.89 $20.99
Liquid Nail Dwp-24 28oz Drywall Adhesive
DRYWALL ADHESIVEMoisture-proofMinimizes nail-poppingFaster installationSIZE:28 Oz...
$3.24 $4.99
Liquid Nail Ln-206 2.5oz Wood Liquid Nails
WOOD PROJECTS REPAIR ADHESIVELiquid Nails no-drip adhesive for woodworking-and wood repair projectsNon-flammable, dries quickly, will not run on-vertical surfaces for faster finishingQuick grabbing, fast drying, sandable/paintableMeets LEED & National Green Building standardsFor tables, veneers, cabinets, shelving & moreNot for sheet goods, wood flooring or ceilingSIZE:2.5 Oz...
$3.38 $4.89
Liquid Nail Cb-10 10oz Cove Base Adhesive
COVE BASE ADHESIVEResin-based, waterproofQuick initial grabCovers approx 300 lineal feet of 4" per gallonWater resistant when dryWater clean-upSIZE:10 Oz...
$29.48 $43.08
Liquid Nail Ln-207 2.5oz Clear Liquid Nail
CLEAR SMALL PROJECTS SILICONE ADHESIVEFast bonding, waterproof construction adhesiveFor porcelain-countertops and jewelryFor vinyl cove base-athletic shoes & fabricsUse on car mouldings-house numbers & floor tilesUse on carpets and fabricWill not bond polyethylene or polypropyleneCardedSIZE:2.5 Oz.COLOR:CLear..
$3.76 $5.99
Liquid Nail Ln-910 10oz Panel Liquid Nails
PANELING & MOLDING ADHESIVEFor installing crown molding, paneling, -molding and trim and furring stripsRetains precise placement - reduces nailingInstant grab for easier installationUp to 10 minutes working timeClean up wet or dry adhesive w/mineral spiritsSIZE:10 Oz...
$82.37 $119.76
Liquid Nail 915 10oz Tub Sur Liq Nails
TUB SURROUND ADHESIVESteam and heat resistantNo bracing requiredLow odorStrong, waterproof bondFor most plastic tub & shower enclosuresBonds without harming substrate materialsFor do-it-yourselfers & professionalsSIZE:10 Oz...
$86.42 $119.76
Liquid Nail Ln-901 10oz Const Liquid Nails
LIQUID NAILS(R) HEAVY DUTY ADEHSIVEFor heavy-duty construction & remodelingExceptional holding powerBonds heaviest materialsWaterproof/weatherproofSIZE:10 Oz...
$67.70 $90.96
Liquid Nail Ln-201 .75oz Liquid Nails
HOME PROJECTS REPAIR ADHESIVEGeneral-purpose adhesive for small-medium repairUse on glass, polystyrene, fabric, rubber, -carpeting, paints surfaces, vinyl & moreAcid free / low odor or indoor or outdoorFlexible & shock absorbing, works on wet surfacesCan fill gaps up to 1/4"Meets LEED & National Green Building standardsNot for sheet goods-wood flooring-aquariumsSIZE:0.75 Oz.DESC:Squeeze Tube..
$3.86 $5.69
Liquid Nail Ln-203 2.5oz Clr Liquid Nail
METAL REPAIR ADHESIVELiquid Nails metal projects repair adhesiveTwo-part epoxy adhesive, use in bonding:metals, masonry, wood and most plasticsBonds porous and non-porous materialsFor interior & exterior useWithstands temperatures up to 300 degrees F.Single use size-working time up to 5 minutesWill not shrink - paintable & stainableSIZE:6 Gram Syringe..
$2.99 $4.29
Liquid Nail Ln-601 10oz Liquid Nails
LIQUID NAILS ADHESIVEStrong initial grabNo nails requiredHigh green strengthUp to 10 minutes open timeBridges gaps up to 3/8" wideSafe for use with polystyrene foam insulationSIZE:10 Oz...
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