Liquid Nails

Liquid Nail Tc-10 10.1oz Wh Tub/tile Caulk
TUB AND TILE CEMENTFlexible latex caulkExcellent adhesion, non-yellowingUse on porcelain, metal, wood or marbleSoap and water clean-upSIZE:10.1 Oz.COLOR:White..
$3.26 $4.69
Liquid Nail Ac-138 10.1oz White Caulk
LIQUID NAILS(R) ALL PURPOSE ADHESIVE CAULKAdhesive caulk plus siliconeBonds like an adhesive and seals like a caulkPaintable and flexibleResists mildew, dirt & dustWater cleanupGreat for many caulking & adhesive applicationsSIZE:10.1 Oz.COLOR:White..
$28.24 $35.88
Liquid Nail Lc-130 10.1oz Wh Win/dr Caulk
You will receive 12 units when you purchase this productSUPER CAULK ACRYLIC LATEXSeals around doors and windowsAdheres to most common building materialsMildew resistantPaintable in 30 minutesExceeds ASTM C834-76 performance specificationsSIZE:10.1 Oz.COLOR:White..
$27.46 $39.48
Liquid Nail Cr-805 10.3ozgy Concre Repair
You will receive 12 units when you purchase this productLIQUID NAILS CONCRETE REPAIRA weather-resistant, siliconized acrylic -compound for repairing & sealing cracks & jointsUse on concrete and masonry surfacesPaintable, easy-gunning cartridge sealant helps -to prevent ice and water damageDries to a gray appearance similar to concreteBonds in all weather conditionsWater clean-upSIZE:10.3 Oz...
$27.46 $39.48
Liquid Nail Ln-700 4oz Liquid Nail
MULTI-PURPOSE HOUSEHOLD ADHESIVEResealable squeeze tubeGrabs fast, holds strongCarded blister pack squeeze tubeSIZE:4 Oz...
$2.61 $4.29
Liquid Nail Cbp-10 Qt Cove Base Adhesive
COVE BASE ADHESIVEResin-based, waterproofQuick initial grabCovers approx 300 lineal feet of 4" per gallonWater resistant when dryWater clean-upSIZE:Quart..
$7.02 $10.99
Liquid Nail Ln907 Extreme Hd Liquid Nail
You will receive 12 units when you purchase this productEXTREME HEAVY DUTY LIQUID NAIL ADHESIVELiquid Nails extreme H-D construction adhesiveFor interior & exterior heavy-duty applicationsfor plywood, waferboard, cementboard, particle -board, drywall, tileboard, ceiling tiles, plus -brick veneers & imitation stone for interior use200% stronger than fasteners aloneBonds in extreme temperatures (22 ..
$41.03 $59.88
Liquid Nail Ln-950 10ozpoly Const Adhesive
You will receive 12 units when you purchase this productPOLYURETHANE CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVELiquid Nails brand polyurethane adhesiveAll weather formula-permanent waterproof bondFor bonding building materials-concrete/lumber-to subfloors, tileboard, treated lumber, -cabinets, foamboard, countertops, granite,-marble, drywall, ceramics, plastic & vinylMeets ASTM C-557 & D-3498 specsNot recommended for ..
$48.20 $68.28
Liquid Nail Ln-990 10oz Quikgrip Adhesive
You will receive 12 units when you purchase this productULTRA QUICK GRIP ADHESIVELiquid Nails premium high-strength adhesiveQuick initial grab - no bracing requireMinimizes the need for mechanical fastenersWater cleanup-durable bond-low odorBonds building materials to paneling, drywall,-chair rails, cork, furring strips, concrete blockceramic tile, plywood, glass, plaster & moreNot for mirrors, pl..
$42.28 $59.88
Liquid Nail Frp-310 1g Latex Frp Adhesive
LATEX FRP ADHESIVEStrong bondingLow odorEasy water clean-upLatex-based formulaSIZE:1 Gal...
$14.89 $20.99
Liquid Nail Dwp-24 28oz Drywall Adhesive
DRYWALL ADHESIVEMoisture-proofMinimizes nail-poppingFaster installationSIZE:28 Oz...
$3.24 $4.69
Liquid Nail Ln-206 2.5oz Wood Liquid Nails
WOOD PROJECTS REPAIR ADHESIVELiquid Nails no-drip adhesive for woodworking-and wood repair projectsNon-flammable, dries quickly, will not run on-vertical surfaces for faster finishingQuick grabbing, fast drying, sandable/paintableMeets LEED & National Green Building standardsFor tables, veneers, cabinets, shelving & moreNot for sheet goods, wood flooring or ceilingSIZE:2.5 Oz...
$3.38 $4.89
Liquid Nail Cb-10 10oz Cove Base Adhesive
You will receive 12 units when you purchase this productCOVE BASE ADHESIVEResin-based, waterproofQuick initial grabCovers approx 300 lineal feet of 4" per gallonWater resistant when dryWater clean-upSIZE:10 Oz...
$29.48 $43.08
Liquid Nail Ln-207 2.5oz Clear Liquid Nail
CLEAR SMALL PROJECTS SILICONE ADHESIVEFast bonding, waterproof construction adhesiveFor porcelain-countertops and jewelryFor vinyl cove base-athletic shoes & fabricsUse on car mouldings-house numbers & floor tilesUse on carpets and fabricWill not bond polyethylene or polypropyleneCardedSIZE:2.5 Oz.COLOR:CLear..
$3.76 $5.39
Liquid Nail Ln-910 10oz Panel Liquid Nails
You will receive 24 units when you purchase this productPANELING & MOLDING ADHESIVEFor installing crown molding, paneling, -molding and trim and furring stripsRetains precise placement - reduces nailingInstant grab for easier installationUp to 10 minutes working timeClean up wet or dry adhesive w/mineral spiritsSIZE:10 Oz...
$82.37 $119.76
Liquid Nail 915 10oz Tub Sur Liq Nails
You will receive 24 units when you purchase this productTUB SURROUND ADHESIVESteam and heat resistantNo bracing requiredLow odorStrong, waterproof bondFor most plastic tub & shower enclosuresBonds without harming substrate materialsFor do-it-yourselfers & professionalsSIZE:10 Oz...
$86.42 $119.76
Liquid Nail Ln-901 10oz Const Liquid Nails
LIQUID NAILS(R) HEAVY DUTY ADEHSIVEFor heavy-duty construction & remodelingExceptional holding powerBonds heaviest materialsWaterproof/weatherproofSIZE:10 Oz...
$67.70 $90.96
Liquid Nail Ln-201 .75oz Liquid Nails
HOME PROJECTS REPAIR ADHESIVEGeneral-purpose adhesive for small-medium repairUse on glass, polystyrene, fabric, rubber, -carpeting, paints surfaces, vinyl & moreAcid free / low odor or indoor or outdoorFlexible & shock absorbing, works on wet surfacesCan fill gaps up to 1/4"Meets LEED & National Green Building standardsNot for sheet goods-wood flooring-aquariumsSIZE:0.75 Oz.DESC:Squeeze Tube..
$3.86 $5.69
Liquid Nail Ln-203 2.5oz Clr Liquid Nail
METAL REPAIR ADHESIVELiquid Nails metal projects repair adhesiveTwo-part epoxy adhesive, use in bonding:metals, masonry, wood and most plasticsBonds porous and non-porous materialsFor interior & exterior useWithstands temperatures up to 300 degrees F.Single use size-working time up to 5 minutesWill not shrink - paintable & stainableSIZE:6 Gram Syringe..
$2.99 $4.29
Liquid Nail Ln-601 10oz Liquid Nails
LIQUID NAILS ADHESIVEStrong initial grabNo nails requiredHigh green strengthUp to 10 minutes open timeBridges gaps up to 3/8" wideSafe for use with polystyrene foam insulationSIZE:10 Oz...
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