IRWIN 6R 6-Inch Vise-Grip Locking C-Clamp

  • Manufacturer: IRWIN
  • Model: 17
  • UPC: 038548000176
  • Availability: In Stock


The Irwin 17 6R is a 6-Inch Locking C-Clamp. The Irwin 6R Vise-Grip has a jaw adjustment of up to 2-Inches, and a throat depth of 1-1/2-Inches. The Irwin C-Clamp adjusts to the correct opening, easily adjusted to various sizes. The 6-Inch Clamp locks with the squeeze of one hand.



  • Fast Release is 2x easier to open, has a no-pinch release, and offers more finger room
  • Wide-opening jaws provide greater versatility in clamping a variety of shapes
  • Turn screw to adjust pressure and fit work. Stays adjusted for repetitive use
  • Constructed of high-grade heat-treated alloy steel for maximum toughness and durability

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