Simpson Powder Actuated Tool 27 Cal Single
Features: Automatic fastening: no sliding barrel, just load and shoot Adjustable power for fastening versatility: a wide range of power from a single strip Easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance No manual resetting of piston required Operator comfort: cushioned grip, reduced recoil and sound dampening muffler for quiet operation Fastener Length:1/2" ..
$619.95 $748.00
Simpson PT-22H General Purpose Tool
Features: Hammer activated Engineered for low maintenance and economy. Four levels of power: Gray thru Yellow loads (levels 1-4) Fastener Length: 1/2 " thru 3" Fastener Type: .300 inch or 8mm headed fasteners or 1/4"-20 threaded studs Firing Action: Single shot hammer activated Load Caliber: .22 single “A” crimp loads, gray through yellow (..
$29.95 $36.38
Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Powder Actuated Nailer
Features: .27 Caliber Reliable design of the world's most popular tool Semi-automatic and fast cycling Engineered for continuous use, high reliability and low maintenance Fastener Length: 1/2" thru 2 1/2" (3" or 4" washered) Fastener Type: .300 inch or 8mm headed fasteners  or 1/4"-20 threaded studs Firing Action: Semi-autom..
$283.78 $404.77
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