Shurlite Shoot-a-Lite Spark Lighter: No. 710
Features: A flat, pistol shaped device which throws off a brilliant spark from a flint at each squeeze of the trigger The flint remains adjusted automatically Zinc chromate finish casing houses a durable mechanism All mechanical parts are specially hardened for long wear Brand Name Shurlite® Type Shoot-a-Lite Lighter ..
$11.25 $19.36
Shurlite Tri Flint Renewal -4 per Card
Features: SHURLITE 5012X renewal flints are economically priced and designed for any of the SHURLITE family of three flint lighters; the 5011, 5021, 4501 or 4501B. In fact these replacement flints are guaranteed to fit perfectly on any SHURLITE three flint lighter and should fit on competitive products as well. The flints themselves are guaranteed to remain seated in the triangular flint hold..
$2.45 $8.58
Shurlite Tri Flint Torch Striker
Features: It is constructed with a heavy duty steel band with three flints attached Triple-flint lighter is a quality lighter made for the demands of the welding industry It has a strong frame and with three large flints for dependable ignition under all working conditions ..
$2.99 $6.58
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