Log Wizard

Log Master Chainsaw Attachment-LM100
  The Log Master bares a resemblance to the Log Wizard; however, it's uniqueness lies in it's capabilites. The Log Master is designed as a groover and gouger.  The Log Master is used to cut grooves for wiring or plumbing as well as hollowing out rails to be used as rain gutters. Wood carvers also enjoy the Log Master's ability to hollow out short log leftovers to create flower pots..
$549.99 $619.23
Log Wizard Chainsaw Attachment
The Log Wizard is a one of a kind chainsaw attachment that turns your chainsaw into an an amazing new tool. The Log Wizard gives you the freedom of time and the value of creation. Simply attach the Log Wizard to any saw and it springs into action as a debarker, planer, jointer, notcher or post sharpener The Log Wizard is fitted with two 3 and 1/4 inch planer blades to give a w..
$207.99 $249.99
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