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Lift All

Lift-All EN90X24 Sling Tuflex Endless Yellow Round Sling

  • Manufacturer: Lift All
  • Model: EN90X24
  • UPC: 697886640217
  • Availability: In Stock
Roundslings are an endless loop of yarns covered by a woven tubular jacket. One advantage to round slings is that all of the load-bearing yarns are protected by this jacket. Lift-All Tuflex® round slings use polyester load yarns that are protected by a double wall, polyester cover for sizes EN30- EN240. Sizes larger than this use an abrasion-resistant nylon, double wall jacket. All Tuflex® round slings jackets are color-coded along industry standards to indicate their capacity rating.

  • Length:  24' Long
  • Style: Sling Tuflex Endless Yellow
  • Vertical Capacity:  8,400 lbs
  • Choker Capacity:  6,700 lbs
  • Basket Capacity:  16,800 lbs

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