DowChemical 341557 24oz Pro Spray Foam
Great Stuff Pro Spray FoamMinimal Expanding, Single Component -Polyurethane Foam SealantType V Residential Fireblock PenetrationFill, Seal And Insulates Gaps Up To 3"Dispense This Product With Foam Applicator -Tool - Not Included - 230409 Dispensing GunAllows For Precise Control & Product PlacementQuick Cure Time - 1 Hour - Tack Free In 6 Min.Size:24 OzColor:orange..
$8.29 $10.99
DowChemical 342092 Enerfoam 25 Sealant
Enerfoam 25 Foam SealantProfessional One-component, Minimal Expanding -Flexible Polyrethane FoamExpands Only Enough To Generate Effective SealRetains Elasticity As The Structure Expands -And CompressesForms A Durable, Airtight, Water-resistant BondTo Commom Building Substrates Such As Wood, -Brick, Concrete, Foam Board And Most PlasticsSize:24 Oz...
$9.66 $15.99
DowChemical 308900 Froth Pak Foam Sealant
Froth Pak(tm) Foam SealantA Two-component Polyurethane Spray FoamUse To Fill Cavities, Penetrations, Cracks -And Expansion Joints - Tack Free In SecondsBlocks Unwanted Air, Moisture, Insects, -Dust And Helps Reduce NoiseBonds To Wood, Masonry, Rigid Foam, -Metal & Drywall - Self Contained PackageAll Equipment Needed To Spray IncludedYield:12 Board Ft...
$37.04 $48.99
DowChemical 157911 20oz Foam Sealant
Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks Foam SealantAll-purpose Foam Sealant For Filling & Sealing -Holes, Cracks, Gaps & Voids Less Than 1/2" WideAll Directional Straw DispensingAdheres To Most Surfaces Including Wood, Metal,-Masonry, Glass And Most PlasticsPermanent, Rigid And Non-shrinkingWater Resistant - Sandable - PaintableClosed Cell Foam Blocks Radon Gas & InsectsSize:20 Oz.Color:tan..
$7.92 $9.99
DowChemical 230409 Foam Dispensing Gun
Great Stuff Pro Foam Dispensing GunProvides Precise Control For Filling, Sealing -And Insulating Gaps, Cracks & Window/door JambsDurable, Lightweight Aluminum BodyVary Foam Bead Size From 1/8" To 3"Helps To Minimize Product WasteStainless Steel Check ValveWhen Left Attached To Open Can, Restartable -Up To 30 Days..
$52.66 $68.99
DowChemical 157901 12oz Great Stuff Foam
  Great Stuff Insulating Foam Fills, Seals And Insulates Holes, Gaps And - Cracks For A Variety Of Applications After Curing, Foam Can Be Sanded, Painted - Or Stained A Minimal Expanding Foam Includes Straw For All Direction Dispensing Size:12 Oz. ..
$5.29 $6.99
DowChemical 175437 12oz Window/door Foam
Great Stuff Window & Door FoamLow Pressure Formulation Polyurethane FoamWill Not Bow Window Or Door FramesStops Air Drafts To Save EnergyCreates A Weather-tight Air Seal12 Oz. Can Will Seal 3-4 Rough OpeningsSize:12 Oz.Color:yellow Foam..
$5.78 $7.99
DowChemical 187273 20oz Pro Window Foam
Great Stuff Pro Window & Door FoamForm Durable, Airtight, Water-resistant -Bonds To Vinyl, Wood And Metal FramesOne-component, Minimal-expanding Low-Pressure-build, Flexible Polyurethane FoamAir Seal The Gap Between Window Or Door -Frame And Its Rough OpeningExpands Only Enough To Generate Effective SealUse With 230409 Foam Dispensing GunSize:20 Oz...
$10.40 $13.99
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