Powerblanket ICE - 5 Gallon Bucket / Pail Cooling Blanket with Modified Cooler Box & Pump, Fill w/Ice and Water Model PBICE05IC

  • Manufacturer: Powerblanket
  • Model: PBICE05IC
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5 Gallon Insulated Bucket / Pail Cooling Blanket with Modified Cooler Box & Pump, Fill with Ice and Water Wrap the cooling blanket around your 5 gallon pail, connect the hoses on the blanket to the hoses on the ice chest, fill the ice chest with ice and enough water to cover the pump, plug it in and your pail will stay cool. That is all there is to it. The pump circulates the ice cold water through the blanket and cools the contents of the container. With Powerblanket ICE cooling blankets, you can efficiently regulate temperature-sensitive material under both regular and hot conditions. With 40 lbs. of ice in the cooler box, you can keep your contents at 55° F for 9 - 10 hours, and that's with the ambient temperature at a scorching 100° F or more. With the use of salt or other freeze point modifiers, even lower temperatures are achievable. Powerblanket ICE products make it easy and cost effective to cool various applications like spray foam, coatings, adhesives, fermentation systems, electric motors. In addition to this product we offer various sizes and levels of temperature control and duration. If you can’t find the right product to fit your application let us know, we specialize in fast, affordable solutions for any application. • Ready-to-ship products available for 15, 30, & 55-gallon drums, and for 5-gallon buckets. Custom systems can be designed and shipped within 2 weeks. • Blankets use Powerblanket’s patented heat spreading technology in reverse to draw heat to the blanket and cool the contents of the container • Blanket cover and insulation are the same as the robust system used in the Powerblanket heating products • Powerblanket Ice systems are portable (120VAC required) • Control temperature of your equipment or bulk materials • ex: Spray Foam Application Increase yields (bulk materials over 90 °F will reduce yields for most spray foams) • Maintain foam quality (hot bulk material can decrease foam tenacity and increase foam density) • Decrease foam application times (quality decreases when bulk materials get too hot) • Reduce time waiting for spray foam bulk materials to cool • When materials are delivered too hot, waiting for the material to cool can mean lost hours/days • Blankets can be left installed and running while bulk material containers are in use • 32 °F minimum circulation fluid temperature - Lower temps with use of salt or other freeze point modifiers • Use with or without controller - Controller switches pump on and off to control temperature • 40 lbs of ice can maintain 55 °F for 9-10 hrs in 100+ °F ambient temperatures • Affordable cooling solution • Portable
  • Industrial grade D-15 white vinyl shell
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  • WARRANTY: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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