Powerblanket 55 Gallon Drum Heating Blanket Model BH55RR-80

  • Manufacturer: Powerblanket
  • Model: BH55RR-80
  • UPC: 814491013605
  • Availability: In Stock
BH55RR-80: The 55 gallon barrel and drum heater from Powerblanket offers a state-of-the-art heating system that is far superior to band heaters, which localize the heat to only one spot. The Powerblanket drum heater encases the entire drum in a heating blanket, insulating the entire drum and distributing the heat across the entire surface. The BH55RR-80 drum heater runs at 800 watts so that things warm up quickly, then it automatically cuts back to only 400 watts to maintain the temperature. It is water resistant, and can be used on poly and steel drums. Another great feature is the preset thermostat which limits the maximum temperature of the contents to approximately 80 ºF. The BH55RR-80 drum heater is very easy to install, and is competitively priced. It is also ETL certified to UL & CSA safety standards. Powerblanket® BH55RR-80 55 Gallon Drum Heating Blanket (Rapid Ramp) • Cinch straps to secure tight fit • Quickly heats materials to a preset 80 °F / 27 °C (±5 °F / 3 °C) • Delivers safe, uniform heat to temperature sensitive materials • Preserve expensive materials without overheating or burning • Insulated full wrap design making it energy-efficient • Safe for outdoor use • Water-resistant • Works on both poly and steel drums • Prevent product waste by safely maintaining consistent temperatures • Uniform even heat distribution eliminates hot and cold spots
  • Flexible graphite, thermostat, electrical & industrial grade vinyl
  • AMPS: 3.33/6.67
  • WATTS: 400/800
  • VOLTS - AC: 120
  • TYPE or Plug Type: 15 Amp Plug
  • WARRANTY: 1 yr
  • CERTIFICATIONS: ETL Certified to UL & CSA Safety Standards
  • THERMOSTAT TYPE: Internal Preset Thermostat

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