Powerblanket 55 Gallon / 208 Liter - Drum Heating Blanket Model PBL55

  • Manufacturer: Powerblanket
  • Model: PBL55
  • UPC: 814491012202
  • Availability: In Stock
PBL55: The PBL55 is an insulated band-style drum heater specifically designed to fit a 55 gallon drum. The heater is built for use with 120 volts AC, drawing 2 amps thus producing 240 watts. It has a preset thermostat set for maximum product temperatures of up to 145 ºF / 63 ºC (± 10 ºF / 5 ºC). One band on the drum will usually run cooler than 145 °F because it only covers part of the barrel. Placing a second PBL55 above the first on the drum will generally decrease the time to heat and increase the maximum temperature your product reaches. Similarly, adding a third PBL55 up near the top of the barrel will improve things even more Sometimes one is good enough, other times you might want to use two or three – it depends on your application. The PBL55 band style drum heaters allow you to safely control the temperature of expensive chemicals and other fluids; it delivers a barrier of uniform directional heat where it’s needed most – preventing fluids from freezing and maintaining optimal temperatures. This innovative heat-spreading technology insulates, protects and maintains heat in a wide variety of applications. And it's certified by ETL to UL & CSA safety standards. Powerblanket Lite 55 Gallon Drum Heaters: • Quickly heat materials to a preset 125º F / 51.7º C (±10º / 5ºC) • Are safe to use on poly drums • Provide an insulated full-wrap band design • Deliver uniform heat to temperature sensitive products • Preserve expensive materials without scorching or burning • Prevent waste by maintaining consistent temperatures • Certified to UL/CSA/CE standards
  • Flexible graphite, thermostat, electrical & industrial grade vinyl
  • AMPS: 2
  • WATTS: 240
  • VOLTS - AC: 120
  • TYPE or Plug Type: 15 Amp Plug
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • CERTIFICATIONS: ETL Certified to UL & CSA Safety Standards
  • THERMOSTAT TYPE: Internal Preset Thermostat

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