Pack-logix L300 Powder Graphite Lube
DRY GRAPHITE LUBRICANTPowdered graphite lubricantKeeps locks lubricated & working smoothlyGuards against sticking & dirt built-upReduces wear and corrosionOne 6.5 gram tube per blister cardSIZE:6.5 Gram Tube..
$1.65 $2.99
Pack-logix Sg-20 1.6oz Stick Lubricant
WHITE STICK LUBRICANT WITH SILICONEStick lubricant w/silicone keeps things slidingFor use on metal, wood, leather, & plasticIt lubricates, protects, preserves and -it's waterproof, clean and odorlessUse on sliding doors, drawers, bucket seat -slides, tent zippers, water & snow skis, -auto latches and striker platesHandy push-up stickSIZE:1.6 Oz...
$2.54 $3.79
Pack-logix Wg-16 White Lithium Grease
PANEF MULTI-PURPOSE WHITE LITHIUM GREASEGeneral purpose lubricantLubricates and protects metal partsFor home, auto, shop, farm and marineSIZE:16 Oz. Jar..
$4.21 $6.49
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