Magswitch 200amp Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp

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  • Manufacturer: Magswitch
  • Model: 8100340
  • UPC: 878628000081
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About Magswitch:

If you’re like those who have touched and used Magswitch, then words like “Wow”, “Amazing”, or “Incredible” come to you. With a whole new level of easy on off control over strong permanent magnets, Magswitch offers a combination of efficiency and enduring strength that has opened eyes to rethink the way so many things are done. It’s not often that a technology change this significant, yet simple and practical comes along. As with all new evolutions in technology, the early adapters gain the greatest advantage. 



  • 200amp Ground Clamp
  • No more searching for or creating a ground location
  • Grounds instantly
  • Turn on Magswitch and start welding
  • Quick and easy connect and disconnect
  • Saves welders time and money
  • Easily attaches to flat or round surfaces
  • No more tacking on tabs in large sheet-weld or pipe jobs


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