Powerblanket Tote Storage Heater Model TH350

  • Manufacturer: Powerblanket
  • Model: TH350
  • UPC: 814491012912
  • Availability: In Stock
TH350: The 350 gallon (1325 liter) IBC tote heater from Powerblanket offers cutting-edge technology in a flexible, easy-to-install design that will effectively, evenly, and reliably heat your IBC tote, keeping the contents protected and at the optimal temperature. The TH350 comes with an adjustable thermostat, so you can control the tote heaters temperature. The material of the heater is a durable and rugged vinyl shell, and can be safely used in temperatures as low as -40ºF. This revolutionary design provides uniform heat throughout the tote, thus eliminating hot and cold spots. Powerblanket products provide a maintenance free heating solution, which eliminates the headache of maintaining critical temperatures. If stored properly, chemicals and industrial products will last longer and be more effective. In turn, this saves time, hassle, and money. It is also ETL certified to UL & CSA safety standards. Powerblanket TH350 – 350 Gallon IBC Tote Heating Blanket • Adjustable temperature from ambient to 145º F | 62º C (± 5 ºF / 3 ºC) • Designed to be durable and weather resistant • Includes adjustable digital thermostatic controller • Safely heat and protect a wide variety of chemicals and materials • Provide an insulated full-wrap design • Deliver uniform heat to temperature sensitive products • Preserve expensive materials without scorching or burning • Provide easy access with a removable top • Prevent waste by maintaining consistent temperatures • Certified by ETL to UL / CSA / CE safety standards
  • Flexible graphite, thermostat, electrical & industrial grade vinyl
  • AMPS: 12
  • WATTS: 1,440
  • VOLTS - AC: 120
  • TYPE or Plug Type: 15 Amp Plug
  • WARRANTY: 1 yr
  • CERTIFICATIONS: ETL Certified to UL & CSA Safety Standards
  • THERMOSTAT TYPE: Digital Thermostatic Controller

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