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Kness Mfg 101-0-003 Ketchall Mousetrap
KETCH-ALL MOUSE TRAPCatches multiple mice in one settingDoes not have to be reset after each catchUnique design with no harmful chemicals, baits,-or poisons to mess withSafe around children and petsDurable galvanized steel housingTo empty, simply slide lid back and dispose of -mice at your discretion for minimal contact..
$18.28 $26.99
Kness Mfg 109-0-004 Tip-trap Mousetrap
TIP-TRAP(R0 LIVE CAPTURE MOUSETRAPSafe, simple and effective because the trap -is easy to bait, easy to set & easy to releasePlace bait on the inside of removable end capPlease near wall with trap door openWhen mouse enters Tip-Trap they will cause the -unit to tip, closing the mouse insideTo release catch, pull back on closed trap -door and let mouse slide outCOLOR:Black..
$1.85 $2.99
Kness Mfg 103-0-005 Big Snap-e Rat Trap
BIG SNAP-E(R) ULTIMATE RAT TRAPMade of durable polystyrene and steelPre-formed bait cup makes baiting easyLarge trip paddle insures catch from front-side and back to provide sure catchPre-formed mounting holes in base to secure trapTrap fits in most bait boxes to be out of sightTo release catch, simply pull back on upright -bar - fingers never touch catch..
$5.29 $8.99
Kness Mfg 104-0-004 Pro-tech Mousetrap
PRO-KETCH(R) MULTIPLE MOUSETRAPMultiple catch mousetrapNo winding or re-setting - trap is always setAll in 1 hinged lid for easy cleaningLow profile-fits under pallets & confined areasNo harmful chemicals, baits or poisonsDurable galvanized steel with clear view lidCombine w/glue trap(buy separate) to hold mice -and foreign material..
$13.26 $19.99
Kness Mfg 106-0-013 Stick-all Glue Trap
STICK-ALL(R) ULTIMATE GLUE TRAPUltimate glue trap attracts mice and insectsNo dangerous chemicals or poisonsEnvironmentally safePre-baited and disposableRemove protective cover and place trap -near pest activity4 glue traps per hang up poly bag..
$4.26 $6.99
Kness Mfg 102-0-046 Twin Pack Snap-e
SNAP-E(R) TRAP TWIN PACKEasy to bait, easy to set, easy to releasePlace bait in pre-formed bait cupPull back slowly on upright bar until locked -firmly in catch - place trap near pest activityVertical strike bar travels half the distance -of old-fashioned wooden trapsPull back on upright bar to release mouseFingers never touch mouseQTY/PK:2-Pack Card..
$4.96 $7.99
Kness Mfg 104-0-036 PRO-KETCH MOUSETRAP
PRO-KETCH(R) JR. MULTIPLE CATCH MOUSETRAPJust like Pro-Ketch multiple catch mousetrap,Junior is always proper setTunnel-on-top design allows for faster -and easier cleaning saving time & moneyJunior trap offers a new, easy-to-view -side windowTo release catch, open the top of trap over -desired area and let mouse slide out..
$11.88 $17.99
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