Intruder Inc.

Intruder Inc. 16500 Better Rodentrap
Better Rodent TrapEffective On Rats, Chipmunks & Gophers..
$4.88 $6.99
Intruder Inc. Mtd/16112 Better Mousetrap
Better Mouse TrapEasy To Use, Press To Set, Squeeze To DisposeNon-absorbent Molded Plastic TrapGrips Mouse Tightly Without Mess Or Odor..
$3.29 $4.99
Intruder Inc. PRT/16500 BETTER RODENT TRAP
BETTER RODENT TRAPFirst sanitary trap of its kindNo more mess while ridding garden, shed or -yard of unwanted intrudersJust press to set - squeeze to eject30% more force than conventional trapsMade with tough non-absorbent molded plasticEffective on rats, chipmunks & gophersDimensions: 7-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 3-1/2"..
$5.00 $7.59
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