Powerblanket Multi Duty Curing Blanket Powerblanket MD1010NH

  • Manufacturer: Powerblanket
  • Model: MD1010NH
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The Powerblanket MD1010 12.00 Amps 10' x 10' Multi Duty Electric Thawing and Curing Heated Blanket's increased temperature settings are ideal for thawing frozen ground, curing concrete in sub zero temperatures and melting ice and snow.
Powerblanket's Multi-Duty line of heated ground thawing and concrete curing blankets are the ideal choice for any cold weather construction project requiring thaw and cure (medium heat) capabilities. Thaw frozen ground prior to digging and trenching. Effective curing of bridge decks, tilt-up, precast, block walls, footings, flatwork, and much more.
Utilizing a revolutionary new heat spreading technology referred to as GreenHeat, Powerblanket takes the guesswork out of construction heating, thawing, and curing. Our curing blankets maintain a constant, even temperature while helping to retain the moisture throughout the natural hydrating process. This reduces cure time allowing the desired PSI levels to be reached more quickly. This process not only creates a “wet cure" environment, but also protects against cracking, freezing, rapid drying and the reduction of efflorescence throughout the cold and warm seasons. Multi-Duty models are engineered specifically for Multi-Use thaw/cure applications. Stay ahead of schedule and start saving time, money and labor with the only thaw and cure multi-use heat spreading blanket in the industry. Powerblanket has the CURE for all your cold weather construction needs. For even faster thawing and melting, see our Extra-Hot line of Powerblankets
12 Amps

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